I’m a part time freelance photographer shooting landscapes, cityscapes and food.
My regular job is a creative designer and photographer for two local brands.

In 2003 I’ve decided to leave programming and make a career as a graphic designer.
In 2005 I worked in a print shop on a PrePress and DTP projects, especially books.
In 2006 I started using a photo camera as a tool to make my daily job easier.
In 2007 I was offered to make a series of postcards - that was the beginning of my photographic career.
In 2009 I started to shoot for micro stock agencies.

Always wanted a Nikon camera but started with Fuji, very loyal to Pentax.
I feel comfortable with all systems, but Canon is more like my second nature and is my personal choice.


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  • meadow on the forested hill day and night concept 42134746
  • meadow on the forested hill in mountain at night 42134745
  • meadow on the forested hill in mountain at sunset 42134744
  • castle wall and railing on a hill at night 42134743
  • beautiful cloudscape over the summer mountains 42134742
  • beautiful clouds over the summer mountain landscap 42134741
  • beautiful mountainous summer landscape 42134740
  • grassy hillside and gorgeous afternoon cloudscape 42134739
  • rolling hills on a cloudy summer afternoon 42134738
  • three boulders on grassy hillside 42134737
  • beautiful mountainous landscape 42134736
  • beautiful landscape under the summer sky 42134735
  • beautiful mountainous landscape background 42134734
  • Medvedia mountain over the Zemplinska Sirava lake 42134732
  • summer water sports on Zemplinska Sirava lake 42134731